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Water Heater Backdrafting Prevention in Milwaukee, WI

Keep Backdrafting at Bay with Midwest Water Heater

Backdrafting occurs when exhaust fumes escape the water heater vent and spill back into the room. The exhaust gases contain moisture, carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases, creating a deadly environment. Improper venting can come from poor vent or water heater installation.

Gas water heaters and orphaned water heaters (an isolated water heater with a flue too big for its output) are common culprits of backdrafting. No matter what your hot water heater problem is, Midwest Water Heater can tackle it. If you’re considering a gas water heater, contact Midwest Water Heater’s professionals for proper replacement services. We sell a wide variety of makes and brands.

How to Tell if Your Water Heater is Backdrafting

  • Are warm gases coming out of the draft hood?
  • Is the plastic near the draft hood melted?
  • Is there moisture or corrosion at the top of the tank?
  • Is there dark residue around the draft hood?

If you answered “yes” to any of these signs, you may have a backdrafting water heater. Resizing, venting correction, repairs or proper installation can solve this problem. Don’t wait—contact Midwest Water Heater to schedule an appointment.

Yearly Maintenance for Reliable Venting

Even the best water heaters require annual maintenance and inspection. When your home’s heating system undergoes changes, it is important to make sure your water heater isn’t left behind. Stay safe and up-to-date with Midwest Water Heater’s regular maintenance services. We serve customers throughout southeastern Wisconsin with reliable replacement and repair services.

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